So I tried running around 2PM today. It was pretty pathetic.

At one point, I stopped running (jogging, more like) about 20 feet from an intersection to walk. I lowered my head to wipe my sweat and walked sideways into a fence. The crossing guard told me, “Girl, you better be drinking water!” I yelled my thanks and started running again, out of embarrassment and masochism.

About 5 seconds before that had happened, I was thinking to myself, “It would suck to be her in this heat.” To have the pity tables turned on me humbled me, even more so because I was in the heat because I was being an idiot and she was doing her job.

There was a hill along my route. Not that steep. I told myself that if I could keep up a certain speed along the entire incline the shower that would follow would feel amazing. I couldn’t, and it didn’t.

I think I’m most disappointed in the fact that I had made so much headway earlier this summer when it came to healthy goals, but I have no one to blame but myself for this poor display of performance after a month and a half of being sedentary. Even better, I tried at a time it would be easy to blame circumstance (i.e., the time of day).

There’s always tomorrow, I guess 😦